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From international academic societies to physics students, Our Undiscovered Universe: Null Physics is becoming the push that creative minds need to look past the conventional physics answers. Here are a few direct quotes:

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Full Review of Our Undiscovered Universe
I love this sort of book as it forces scientists to re-examine their most cherished assumptions. As a physician-consciousness researcher, I have used the quantum non-local reality physical reality model as the best fit to

MELVIN L MORSE MD FAAP , www.spritualscientific.com

“This book is causing the whole astrophysics community to argue and discuss its merits. Anyone interested in discovering what they can about our universe will be surprised at Witt’s ability to set out his format in a beautiful display of his reasoning.”

Donald Clement, Charter Member of the Pontchartrain Astronomy Society

A bold and controversial new book of physics theory by biomedical engineer and businessman Witt. Our Undiscovered Universe opens with a quote from Galileo: “In questions of science the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.” In this case, the “authority” is the consensus of the modern scientific community and the “single individual” is

Kirkus Discoveries

In my opinion, Terence Witt is the Copernicus of our time, and his theory is even more groundbreaking and revolutionary. I believe that we will be seeing a new scientific revolution because of his work.

Wayne Sander, Business Systems Analyst

[Others should read Our Undiscovered Universe] to challenge their minds and reopen the doors to the ‘what if’ kind of wonder.

Chuck Fenwick, Director of Medical Corps

Whether Witt is right or wrong has nothing to do with the extent to which the collective physics and cosmology community's collective noses have been bent out of shape. Only time, not vitriol will tell. Read this book.

Stephen’s Bookshelf, Midwest Book Review

I have been searching for years for the feasible explanations to the most intriguing questions of our existence and I think I have found it in Mr. Witt’s book. This book should be inspirational to all open-minded individuals who think out of the box.

Marek S. Mintus, Aerospace Engineer

Null Physics makes the universe easier to understand at all levels, and that, in and of itself will open the door to more people and more ideas.

Ron DePrez, IT Administrator

It this book can shake one person out of their rut of conventional wisdom and excite them to think for themselves, then it will be a success.

Sonofbr Campana, IT Application Administrator, Data Analyst

I think it’s extremely interesting and might be a very big step in the right direction. It’s brilliant thinking. Null physics looks at things from a technical but strongly intuitive perspective.

Steve Feher, Inventor